Our virtual program combines the elements you need to increase your language fluency


Native Coaches

Our virtual coaches are native speakers from Latin America, allowing you not only to learn Spanish but also to experience other cultures.

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Whether you choose one-on-one or group sessions, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We limit class size to maximize your learning experience.


Save Time

Forget about driving around town to make a class. Our classes are 100% virtual. Find your spot, grab something to drink, get comfy, and get started!



The personalized attention, small classes, and expert coaching provides you with the best bang for your buck.



Our curriculum is designed to get you speaking fast. We are focused on increasing your listening and speaking skills.



The human attention span is relatively low. This is why our sessions are short and to the point.

40 mins individual sessions.

50 mins group sessions.


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Three month minimum programs. Monthly amount is illustrative. Special pricing for purchases of 6 and 12 months *



Heritage Speakers

Generally people with Hispanic heritage, whose grandparents and parents speak Spanish, but who weren't taught the language due to fear of linguistic discrimination. They tend to understand Spanish, but cannot express themselves orally, even
when they have studied it as a second language at school or at college.


Passive Speakers

People who studied Spanish in high school or college, who have a foundation in Spanish grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, but who have never needed to use the language at a practical level.


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Emotionally Connected Speakers

Learners who, in addition to having studied Spanish at school or university, have also lived in a Spanish-speaking country or have emotional ties with people who speak Spanish as a first language. They tend to have a high degree of motivation to learn Spanish, as there are practical results (talking to loved ones and communicating with friends abroad) as a result of improving their skills.

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Spanish testimonial

Ben Northrop
San Diego, CA

I decided to learn Spanish because most of my friends were from all over South America. When we would go out salsa dancing together, everyone was speaking Spanish, and I wanted to join in! I enjoy Passport2Fluency because the coach personalizes the lessons for my specific needs, and ensures the topics are engaging and fun for me so that I always look forward to the next class!


Learn spanish

Amanda Loredo
Corpus Christi, TX

Like many, I was very hesitant to speak my native tongue as I lacked confidence and fluidity. 


Although there are many other programs available to help you learn Spanish, I was enthused to try the P2F program!

What I enjoy about P2F is the flexibility of the on-line schedule, the  level of progression and structure of the course content. It offers a limited class size for an individualized learning experience. The instructors reside in Bogotá, Colombia which gives an authentic taste of the Hispanic culture. P2F has provided me the opportunity embrace my heritage! 


If your intention is to inspire others through communication, enhance your value and marketability, then P2F is for YOU! I challenge you to be the BEST version of yourself!

Fluent in spanish

Dennis Robinson
Baltimore, MD

I originally wanted to study Spanish after moving to South Texas. I live in a largely Spanish speaking area and I just wanted to connect with the community, speak with people that I met in public, and understand the culture a little bit better.


Passport2Fluency has really helped me do that. I take 2 classes a week, each class is absolutely wonderful, the teachers are phenomenal, very personable, they make it fun, they make it easy, and they don't make me feel bad when I make mistakes. 


I am going to keep up with P2F for as long as they have me as a student and I hope you do the same!